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Monday, July 9, 2012

Swahili Lesson: Telling Time

Today at school we learned how to tell time in Swahili... it's super confusing. The clock starts at sunrise which is considered to be 6, making 6-7 the first hour of the day.
So... 7 is 1, 8 is 2, 9 is 3, and so on. Basically you read the clock as the opposite of what it says...
I can't explain this...
Maybe this video will help: Telling time in Swahili

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  1. Hey Snake Charmer! Thanks for sharing the stories and adventures. Congrats on your successful repairs, often it's the small stuff that'll get ya :)
    Brenda and Benita are definitely not too sure about that snake, can't see as I blame them! Camels! Sounds fun. Look like a pony ride on stilts! You always liked the pony ride :) Have fun, keep us posted, talk soon! You are always in our prayers! Hugs and love, Momma