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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swahili Lesson: Siku za Wiki

Jumamosi (Joo-mah-mos-ee) -- Saturday
Jumapili (Joo-mah-pee-lee) -- Sunday
Jumatatu (Joo-mah-tah-too) -- Monday
Jumanne (Joo-mah-nnn-ay) -- Tuesday
Jumatano (Joo-mah-tah-no) -- Wednesday
Alhamisi (Al-ham-ee-see) -- Thursday
Ijumaa (Ee-joo-mah) -- Friday

Our teacher told us that Swahili uses an Islamic format for naming the days, and this is why Thursday and Friday break the pattern of the others; these days are significant in Islam

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  1. Hey Lucy! Great pictures, great info, thank you! Is that little sweetie pie in your arms in your family??? Love the tanga and hair! The safari pictures are wonderful , looking forward to seeing all the others you didn't have time to post. Such good news that you've "gotten to work". You and your team will make a real difference in helping the communities that are so generously welcoming you! Thank you for embracing the challenges most of us would be afraid to take on! Love you loads and loads! Talk to you soon. the Momma.