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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Safari this weekend!

Our group has a very exciting weekend ahead... we will be leaving Saturday morning for a safari in  Ngorongoro Crater, camping there for the night, and then going on a trip through Tarangire National Park on Sunday! We're getting a really great deal on the trip, and I've heard that these places make for some unforgettable views of Africa's diverse and amazing creatures. I'm really glad that I have a big backpacking pack with me so I'll be able to bring plenty of layers to survive a cold winter's night in the African wilderness!

Everything else is still going really smoothly...

Baba is a chef, so the food at home is always really good. I'm always suprised by the spread that is brought out at every meal. Breakfast always includes fruit, eggs, bread, sausage, several drinks to choose from, perhaps porridge, and potatoes. Dinner usually involves about 3-4 different dishes along with greens and fruit as well. Also, my family is always pushing food on me even after I finish. Needless so say, I will never go hungry if my Mama and Baba have any say in the matter.

Classes have been going well, and my Swahili is slowly improving... I'm up to the level of forming simple sentences.
The technical portion of our classes has been introducing us to all of the different equipments that we may find in the hospitals, and in lab so far we've made extension cords and done a lot of work in becoming familiar with our multimeters and improving our soldering and desoldering skills.

Yesterday, Benita and I took the TCDC (language school) shuttle into Arusha and wandered around for a bit. I saw many more mzungus than I've seen the rest of the trip (aside from those at school). The market in the city was very crowded, and we decided to walk past it rather than try to push our way through.

Ninakwenda dasarani wa Kiswahili sasa, Baadaye!

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